“Musings of Mama Grace” is based on a whole lot of ramblings and stuff that I felt comfortable enough to share with you, my trusted reader.

So, if you have wandered over to this page, browsed around and like what you read…please feel free to comment.

Whether good, bad, ugly.  I don’t care.  Your thoughts and opinions are as important as the next.

I value all of  them here on my blog.  My sacred space.

However, at the same token, if you decide to use any of my posts or stories…or God forbid…my photos without my permission…watch out.

All stories, photos, posts, ideas on this blog, “Musings of Mama Grace” are copyright of the author, Grace@Mamagrace71.

Whether I set my twinlets on you on a very nasty poo day or something much worse, you will be dealing with the Wrath of Mama Grace.

I wouldn’t wish that on anyone.

Musings of Mama Grace © 2011


One Response to “Copyright”

  1. Sarran's Abroad - a French indulgence September 24, 2013 at 6:05 am #

    Hello Sweetness. Love the website.
    Thanks for getting us started on our own blog.
    My boys are loving it. Bye. Bill

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