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Things I Know

15 Jul

It’s Thursday night and I’m frantically typing this week’s post like a racehorse because tomorrow morning we head out to the Big Roundabout to visit my folks.

As much as I love going back to my hometown…getting there is always a drama.

And each time I say I’m going to be better organised next time – I never am.

Hence, sitting here *ahem* blogging away while I still have a stack of packing to do !!!

Anywhoooo…on with the show !  Joining Shae at Yay For Home! for “Things I Know”

– Going to K-mart at 8:30pm on a Wednesday is a shopper’s paradise.  No crowds, no annoying long queues at the cash register and there is plenty of EVERYTHING !  (No, this post has not being sponsored by the Big K…)

– These $5 puppets have been “The Bomb” !  The twinlets didn’t care much for soft toys beforehand but they now have new-found furry friends.  There’s lots of kisses and cuddles for “Tiger” and “Monkey” in particular.

– The only way to keep your sanity when reading the “That’s Not My…” series over and over and OVER again to your book-crazy sons is to do it with a foreign accent.  Seriously.  Especially a Japanese one: “Za-tsu mai tu-rakku !  Eetsu tip-paaah izu sooo ridgggeeee !!!”  Finally !  All those years studying the language and living there have come to good use.

– Having a 23 year-old Gen Y nephew keeps me on the “cool edge”.  He was the one that first introduced me to FaceBook (Although the actual addiction is entirely my own doing).  And just today I got an invite from him to join Google +.  He’s so awesome…

– That exploring the world only needs to start with a stick and an endless green field…

Okay, back to the packing !

Happy Friday, everyone !  Mwah !!!


Things I Know

8 Jul

What a rollercoaster week it’s been in our household !

Sickness has run rampant over here and there were some fragile moments where I thought I was going to lose my head.

I,  for one am glad that it’s Friday – not because the weekend is around the corner (like that makes a difference to us mums…), but because it looks like the boys are finally on the mend.

Linking back to the lovely Shae at Yay For Home! for my list of “Things I Know”

Starting with the obvious:

Dealing with sick twins is really, really, REALLY hard work.  Due to his wheezy cough Little K has been on asthma preventer medication as well as ventolin.  In the meantime, Little N has had a nose running like a crazy tap and was up and down with a fever.  It’s been heartbreaking to see them in such discomfort; not being able to understand what’s going on with their little bodies.

Staying all day in your pyjamas is one thing.  Actually having a morning shower, then changing into a fresh pair of pyjama bottoms was my way of surrendering to another day of indoor confinement and concentrating on getting the twinlets better.

Sexy ? Yes ?

Grabbing two take-away coffees is a great contingency plan when facing a day with grizzly sick twinlets.

$2 calculators are a great substitute for mobile phones yet still make a great distraction for the twinlets.  Also, we no longer need to worry about cell radiation.

"Two squared equals...twin trouble ???"

It only takes three special (and secret) ingredients to make these “never fail” scones.  A big thanks to an old high school friend who entrusted me with the recipe.  If I’m really nice to her, I’m sure she’ll let me share it with you all.  In the meantime, can you guess what the ingredients might be ???

The photo doesn't do these scrumptious babies justice...

I owe a big thank you to everyone for their support, love and caring comments on my blog this week.  You guys all played an integral part in getting me through these rough few days.

Hugs and love.

See you next week xxx

Things I Know

24 Jun

What ?  Are you kidding me ?  It’s that time of the week…already ???  Oh well, okay.  If you say so…

Happy Friday, my lovelies !


Things I Know

10 Jun

Happy Friday, gorgeous peeps !

I can’t believe how the week has flown by !  This time last week, my fingers were nervously typing away at the computer for my first “Things I Know” linky and now…Wow !

I’ve ‘met’ some awesome mummy bloggers through the week and I just had to come back for more 🙂

Back again to hear what other pearls of wisdom all you lovelies have to share.

Head on over to Shae’s Yay for Home! to find out with me.

This week, I know:

  • That date night is so rare that these days, all it takes is four glasses of Pinot Gris to get ‘happily tanked’…but two whole days to fully recover.  *sigh*  Oh well, as you can see, I still had a fabulous time…

"Who's on their way to 'happy' ? Yu-huh, yu-huh, yu-huh !!!"

  • That every day Australia is becoming more and more of a multi-cultural society.  At our weekly playgroup, my Indo-Aussie boys get to play with other kids of other mixed backgrounds:  Hungarian/Filipino and Brazilian/New Zealander.  This is a far cry from the days when I was the only Asian kid in my kindy class.   Exciting times !
  • That in my plight in becoming *ahem* better friends with my oven, I was bound to stuff up my very ever first attempt at muffins.  Yup, no saving these puppies.  Straight in the bin…

Burnt on the outside, still doughy on the inside...

  • That going to our favourite park no longer means that I have to keep yanking bark out of the twinlets’ mouths resulting in red, swollen fingers complete with deep teeth marks.  Instead, the boys are learning to either hand the bark over to their Mama or actually throw it away themselves.  Hallelujah !

"Here, Mum...I promise not to bite your finger off..."

Ah, the joys !

Have a fabulous weekend, everyone !  And see you all again next week…Mwah !

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