Training for City2Surf: Running for Others – Week 4

25 Jun

This week’s segment is a little delayed due to a few reasons.

Time constraints, bad weather, lack of energy and a big serving of sleep deprivation have all led me into a lull.

But this was always going to be the danger.  Any slight skip of momentum can lead to a loss of motivation.

So, I thought hard about it.  What could swing me back into action?

Last year, I ran the City2Surf for the first time and my source of inspiration was my two boys.

My twinlets came into this world 5 weeks early.  They had a shaky start to life with their first two weeks spent in NICU.

The Miracle Babies Foundation supports premature babies and sick newborns, their parents, families as well as the hospitals who care for them.

We are forever in debt to the Foundation for their support and help.  Today, my boys continue to grow and thrive but I will never forget those fragile first couple of weeks.

So, this year, I’m going to run with purpose.

I’m going to run for the other families and their premmie babies.  I’m also going to run in memory for all the lost Angels who will always stay in our hearts.

Besides, don’t we find more meaning when we do something for someone else ?

Feel free to donate to The Miracle Babies Foundation through my fundraising page.


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