Best place to be a mum ? Australia’s ranked second…

21 Jun

Us, Aussie mums ?  We know we’ve got it good, right ?  I’m not just talking about the beaches, the great weather, the spacious land and beautiful landscapes either.

Last month, I stumbled on a great post. It’s one of those rare reads that sticks in your mind.

Brooke at MommyMoi wrote about the 12th annual Save The Children Mother’s Index.  This report ranks 164 countries based on mothers’ and children’s health, educational and economic status.

It tells us the best…and worse places to be a mum.

And guess what ?  Yup.  Australia is ranked as second best.  We’re sandwiched between Norway and Iceland.

Yet, it’s bittersweet information.

Because on the flip-side, we discover that the 10 lowest ranking are listed as Afghanistan and other sub-Saharan countries.  The grim realities of these countries are backed up by disturbing statistics and stark comparisons to the highest ranked.

For example:

  • While a skilled medical personnel is present for every birth in Norway, only 14% of births are attended in Afghanistan
  • While women in Norway will typically live to the age of 82 years, a woman in Afghanistan will not live beyond 45
  • In Afghanistan, one child in five will die before the age of five.  This rate means that every woman in Afganistan is likely to suffer the loss of a child

Poverty, despair and the lack of basic needs for survival are daily struggles for these countries.

Living in a country that’s been rated as number two, it’s a wake up call.

It snaps me back to consciously remembering what I keep mindlessly taking for granted:

  • I remember that despite being 5 weeks premature, I had such an incredible team of confident, experienced medical professionals performing the C-section delivery of the twinlets.
  • I remember that I had a Parent Support Group midwife visiting the boys and I once a month for the first six, monitoring their growth and development.  Not only checking their general well-being, but mine as well.
  • I remember how a local playgroup gives our children the limitless freedom to play with toys and other children in a cost-free and safe environment.

With all this and much more, there’s no reason to grumble.


2 Responses to “Best place to be a mum ? Australia’s ranked second…”

  1. muminsearch June 21, 2011 at 11:23 pm #

    Those figures are shocking.. average life expectancy 45! It is a great reminder to count our blessings.

  2. debwildhope June 24, 2011 at 10:23 pm #

    We’re just lucky fullstop. As people, as families. But yes, as mothers. And we tend to complain about our lack of rights or opportunities etc etc.. , but at the end of the day we enjoy such freedoms and support compared to most countries. Truly blessed!

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