Things I Know…About Homecomings…

19 Jun

Hello, hello !

A little late this week for ‘Things I Know’ but I have a valid excuse…I’ve been away this weekend at my hometown which I affectionately call “The Big Roundabout”.

I’d like to report that it was a weekend of frolic and fun with family.  It was.  And it wasn’t.  It was a mixed bag of events.

I haven’t lived in my hometown in almost 20 years.  Going back these days with my own family has made going home an experience with different dynamics.

So, this week from me, I’m doing a list of Things I Know…about homecomings.

As always, make sure you check in at Shae's Yay for Home! for your weekly dose of wisdom and reflection with the others !

I know that a homecoming:

  • Means that sleeping in my old bedroom still has the remnants of a teenage girl who would day-dream about eventually leaving her ‘boring’ town and living overseas.  That these days this same room instead accommodates an entire family complete with two porta-cots rather than just one young girl’s dreams and ambitions.

The hot pink bedsheets are entirely my mother's doing...

  • Allows me to finally catch up with an old high school friend and enjoy her fabulous Sunday morning tea spread.  Tea and scones…how civilized !

  • Involves a mundane four-hour car drive to get there but the playtime the twinlets get to spend with their cousins is well worth the travel.

And that's my camera-shy sister-in-law hiding in the corner...She's going to hate me for posting this photo...

  • Always make me grumble about the sub-zero temperature mornings in the winter.

The charming view from my bedroom window this morning...

  • Most importantly means that the boys have some time to bond with their grandma (Opung) and grandpa (Tata).  And with each visit, precious memories are made.  That the boys are reminded that their grandparent’s love for them is palpable.

Hope you all had a great weekend !

See you again on Friday !  Same time.  Same channel 🙂


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