Same, same…but different…

3 Jun

Way back when I was still getting my head around breastfeeding and other maternal duties, I remember turning to Kaz Cooke’s book “Kid Wrangling” for a bit of entertainment and a mental break.

Talking about a baby’s emotional and mental development at 9 months to 1 year, I read:

“Your baby will show more of their ‘personality’ and quirks will be recognisable – even if you don’t realise this until later, when your child is older and you look back.”

So, that one line has stuck with me.

Born identical and two minutes apart, the boys practically started their lives wrapped in each other.  Sharing a cot until they were five months.

But since turning one, the subtle differences between them are more obvious.

It has been full of surprises witnessing how they continue to mould their close-knit bond.  Then, at the same time, see how their distinct personalities are evolving.

And because I’m curious to see if their special quirks will eventually be part of their overall future individual characters, I thought I’d take note of my observations.

I want to look back and see how accurate – or inaccurate – this post will actually be.

Little N:

A sensitive soul, Little N is easily alarmed by any strange noises or new people.  He’s shy with new guests and instead will snuggle to the closest, most familiar person he can find.

Yet, having said that, he likes a social challenge.  Whenever we’re at a doctor’s appointment, Little N likes to join in the conversation with his jibber jabber chit chat.

Little N is our obliging twin.  Often, his brother will snatch a toy that he’s already playing with.  More often than not, Little N will let him have it and totter off to find another one.

When he walks around a room, Little N will place his hands behind his back, as though he’s deep in investigation.  He reminds me of an old London police bobby.

The little conversations he has with us or his brother consist of short, sharp syllables.  He will have his arms open and emphasise his little sounds by waving his arms like a motivational speaker.

Little N is my mini Anthony Robbins who seems to speak with conviction – although of course, none of us have any idea what he’s talking about.

Little N is auditory.  As soon as he hears the opening drum beats to Frankie Valli’s “Sherry”, he starts dancing.  The Jackson 5’s “Blame It On The Boogie” is another big favourite.  Anything by the Wiggles gets him shaking a tail feather too.

Little K:

Despite being the second twin, he will do whatever he can to get what he wants.

Whether it be a toy, a mobile phone or a forbidden area, Little K’s eyes will fix themselves on the object of desire and there is nothing stopping him.  He will climb over you.  He will sit on your head.

If he doesn’t succeed…we are potentially facing a meltdown.

Little K is very lucky that his brother is so accommodating.

Little K likes to play rough and tumble.  He likes a crazy tummy tickle from his dad.  Being tickled so hard he starts to cry.  He always comes back for more.

While his brother likes a social challenge, Little K – forever the explorer and the climber – prefers a physical activity.

In his conversations, Little K has a sing-song voice.  His chatter always ends with a raised intonation, as though he’s asking a question.  Perhaps, he will be the inquisitive one.

Little K is by far the vocal twin.  As a baby, he always cried louder.  As a toddler, his screams are deafening.

Little K is also visual.  He’s always quick to spot and point out a plane or a bird.  He loves his books.

Little K also like to snuggle up to those he knows and loves.  When we sit cross-legged, he will make himself comfortable into that nook, lie right back, his body sinking into yours.

So, let’s see how this will all unfold.

Two boys in each other’s physical likeness with two distinct characters shaping and forming.

Weaving in and out of their special kinship.


2 Responses to “Same, same…but different…”

  1. AlyceB June 7, 2011 at 3:40 pm #

    Little K sounds soooo much like Jonathan it’s scary.

  2. mamagrace71 June 7, 2011 at 8:58 pm #

    After I read your comment, I looked at Little K and thought of Jonathan.
    Watch out, world !!!

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