Little Steps…

13 May

Being in a 24 hour full-on job like motherhood doesn’t permit you to embrace a Friday like I did back in my corporate days.  But, I must say, this week has seen some small goal kicks.  Little steps moving forward.  I feel I have reason to celebrate.

Here’s a summary:

Smart ‘N Move:

This “school-readiness”program that the boys attend every Wednesday is actually called “Art ‘N Move”.  For 45 minutes, a teacher goes through play school type activities to get the young tots active and to “stimulate their senses”.  The boys are into their second term.

I changed its title to my own sarcastic one because I was dubious whether these classes provided any actual benefit for the boys.  It all felt like another sham – another toddler marketing ploy.

In the majority of classes, my lovely twinlets – although the oldest in the class – are the least attentive.  There is an element of embarrassment for me as I watch the other proud mothers and their astute children happily join in the activities.

But hey, as I learned long ago, it’s not about me anymore.


Begrudgingly, I took the boys to their weekly class.  I don’t know what happened, but a light switched on in their little heads.

To my surprise, they were quietly paying attention to the teacher.  They didn’t wander off in disinterest and climb on the classroom side benches like they usually do.  They were even laughing and looked like they were having a (shock, horror) fun time.

Chocolate Mud Cake:

I think I can say that the oven and I are now (ahem) a little better acquainted.   It has taken me four attempts.  Three of them over the short course of this week – Monday, Wednesday and Thursday nights.

I even used a “cake from scratch” recipe for each of these cake batter splattered war zone episodes.

I know, I’m insane.  But I was vehemently determined to make this damn cake.

And, I did.  Okay, it’s modest in its appearance, to say the least.

I don’t care.  It was a goal I set out to do.  Hot diggity damn…tick !

Blog post to come.

Kreativ Blogger Award:

I woke up Tuesday morning with a terrible cold, swollen glands and a splitting headache.  Just as I was about to grumble about having to look after the boys with a bout of sickness, I received an email from a fellow mummy blogger who had nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award:

Tat at Muminsearch talks about her journey and discoveries in life and parenting.  She makes sure that there’s some fun and joy along the way.  Her posts are inspirational and when she mentions what she’s grateful for (which is often), it’s always from the heart.

So, I am humbled that among others, she’s also chosen my blog.  My space.  The little corner of my world.

Many may see all of this as trivial dalliances.

For me though, it’s all leading to something more significant.

I’m going to sign off this post with a fun video of my family.

A tiny snippet to the craziness and laughter in our home.

This is the real reward.


2 Responses to “Little Steps…”

  1. Christine May 13, 2011 at 4:51 pm #

    hahahah love that vid! they are sooo adorable 🙂

    looking forward to your mud cake post!!!

  2. Tat May 14, 2011 at 10:52 pm #

    Congratulations on making your mud cake. I think that is way beyond my capabilities (or even aspirations) at the moment. Thanks for the advertising 🙂

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