Just Another Seven

10 May

For almost three months, I have been a member of a mother’s training group.  I literally found them at one of our local parks while I was with the family one morning.

There were a bunch of ladies, running up and down a hill with a personal trainer completely dressed in black (Aren’t they always ?) who was giving them all The-Biggest-Loser-Commando-type tough love.

“Come on, faster !  Don’t slow down !  Watch out for that oncoming car !!!”

I looked over and Hubby gave me a knowing look.

“Just ask her.  What’s the harm ?”

So, sheepishly I walked over and gave a big smile (They never fail).

“Oh hi, was just wondering…is it possible to join this group ?”

The personal trainer gave me a warm smile back and after exchanging a few words about schedules, costs and contact details, I locked myself in.

As shameful as it is, let me say, I was being a little cocky when I first saw those ladies.  I thought keeping up with them would be a whimsical breeze.

Alas, here I am.  Still exhausted and sore from this morning’s session.  These women have beaten me to a pulp.

I think the majority are older than me.  I know for sure that they are all mums of primary and high school kids.  Even university students.  It still doesn’t stop them from running like gazelles.  As for the boxing sessions ?  They have a sucker punch to leave you for dead.

These super mums – never again will I underestimate them.

This morning one of them casually asked me if I was going to do the upcoming half marathon in September.

“Whaaaaaa ?  Me ???”  I couldn’t believe what she was assuming.

Me – the Nanna Shuffler – ready and fit enough to do a half marathon ?

(Oh, and just incase you weren’t sure how many kilometres that is, it’s 2-1.  Yes.  T-W-E-N-T-Y – O-N-E…)

This lady – who has done the course in the past – made the training and preparation sound easy.  She suggested that I join her and some others in a running group.  She was encouraging about the local running trails, almost convincing me that maybe it wasn’t such an impossibility.

The funny thing is, I thought about doing the half-marathon last year after completing the City2Surf.

I thought, “Hell, the C2S was 14 kilometres, what’s another seven ????”

What’s another seven ?

But I backed out.  I decided to take it easy on myself.  Instead I just participated in the 8 kilometre Bridge Run.

So maybe, that’s just how I need to approach it this year.  To simply see that extra seven as a ‘mere extension’ of what I have already achieved.

Perhaps these hard-core, super-fit ladies are exactly who can help me get motivated and over that new, challenging finish line.

Or maybe, I am just a nut case….


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