Clueless Parenting…

25 Mar

Happy Friday, folks !

Something light and silly to welcome the weekend.

I was going through our photos folder this afternoon and came across this video taken a year ago.

The boys were barely 7 weeks old and had been home from hospital for just over a month.

Hubby is trying to keep them happy and entertained.  Hoping to get a coo or a first smile out of them.


It is the epitome of  the “L” Plate Parents:

Earnestly trying to look after two little people, yet not having an iota of an idea in how to actually do it.

Full of nerves, excited and terrified all at the same time.

Oh, and that rhythmic deep honking type sound you hear in the background ?

That’s me.

Well, actually it’s my best friend at the time – the breast pump machine.

But me.  Pumpin’ away.

So, come on, people !  ‘Fess up !

What’s your “Clueless Parenting” story ???

“Ticky ticky…”

Just lettin’ y’all know…

It’s almost 4 minutes long (Stupid iMovie won’t let me edit anything but an iPhoto video…frustration !!!). So please bear with me.

I remember once a long ago my time in the corporate world.  Friday afternoons were either a mad panic to get last minute business in or a case of sitting at the desk counting down the minutes until “beer o’clock.”

(Oh my, how distant those days seem !)

Finding whacky videos on the internet was also a fun pass time.

So, here’s one back for all of you.

Make sure you turn the volume right up.

I’m sure the boss could use a giggle too 🙂


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