A Touch of Classic…

20 Mar

With all the stories I’ve written and shared about gastro, our rickety rack home, our beaten up, family car – as the reader, it is highly likely that you could come to either one of the below conclusions:

1.  The author is a highly-strung, neurotic drama queen


2.  There is simply never a dull moment in Mama Grace’s household

In fear that there will be too many of you choosing option 1, I will not be taking a survey.

So, as luck, blessings, fate (pick what you believe in) would have it, amidst the family humdrum and commotion, a small little poster at our local coffee shop had caught my eye.  I had initially ignored it.  But then, the same poster popped up at the counter of the local butcher and then at the newsagency.

It was as though Someone was gently nudging me to pay attention.  To act on the invitation intently waiting before me.

The poster was advertising a one time only concert at the Sydney Opera House.  The Cologne Chamber Philharmonic Orchestra was playing pieces by Bach, Tchaikovesky and the clincher – Vivaldi’s Four Seasons.

After much coaxing from Hubby, I bought a ticket.  Just me.  Hubby’s not a big fan of classical music.  So, for this one, I was going solo.

You know how everyone has a “I know it’s daggy, but I love…” ???

Well, one of mine is classical music.  Particularly live classical music.

I know, I know…for some, I’m sure many of you would prefer to watch the cricket *ahem*.

Yet, here’sthe beauty about a chamber orchestra concert:

Its simplicity.

It’s an intimate musical recital between 12 musicians and you.  The rest of the audience just seems to disappear into the oblivion.

No roaring, raucous crowds.  No grandiose stage props or blinding laser light shows.

Still, seated at the very front row, with only strangers around me, I felt utterly free and liberated.  I had the freedom to feel, enjoy and celebrate the emotion of the music.

I was beaming from ear to ear like a giddy school girl when they played the opening bars of “Summer” from The Four Seasons.

Overwhelmed, I had to catch my breath as the orchestra grabbed me for the big crescendos and the rush of complicated, melodic trills.

I watched in awe and amazement as to how their body language and nuances created a perfectly succinct performance.

Each musician carefully paying attention to the timing and dynamics of the other.  Even making sure that their breathing was in unison.

By the interval, I was hooked.  I was a groupie.  I skipped right over to the CD stall and earnestly waited in line to buy a copy.  Signed, no less. (Gush, gush…)

Then, out of pure perfect timing, in full view outside, were the fireworks to celebrate another amazing event – the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras:

After the concert, exhausted but still on an excited buzz, I went home to my family.  Back to my role as the stay at home Mama of twins with all its craziness and dramas.  (Voting lines have now opened).

In any case, that will always be the Saturday night I managed to step outside.  On my own.  Enjoy my own company.

I let the rest of the world show me what it had to offer.


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