Lazy Jazzy Sunday

7 Mar

Once upon an overcast Sunday, at the tail end of an Australian summer, Mama Grace, Papa and the twinlets packed their bright blue carriage, Barney and excitedly headed out for a family outing.

The sojourn was a picturesque garden, tucked away in the outskirts of Sydney’s southern suburbs.  Among the adjacent, quaint art gallery, there was a bustle of activity of happy children, a clown and balloons.  There was even a “dinosaur petting station” for the very brave kids.

But what put the biggest smile on Mama Grace’s face , from the moment they arrived, was hearing the sweet, soulful tunes coming from the grooviest, coolest RnB and Soul band in town.

The boys ready to play on our wedding day

For the familiar songs they were playing brought back all those wonderful memories of her wedding day.

15 months later, Mama Grace and her family were reunited with her wedding band.  The very same one that, at the wedding reception, let her take the mic to sing a Michael Jackson number.

Unsurprisingly (considering his home-schooled, rigorous, musical training…) there was a new member to this band’s fan base.

In the middle of the garden, there was Little K: Cutting a groove, taking the spotlight:

Just like his Mama, many, many moons ago, dressed as a bride with him and his twin brother in her tummy.

What was expected to be simply a lazy jazzy Sunday, turned out to be a day reliving beautiful nostalgia, a day that saw the very beginnings of this family.

Special Acknowledgement:

When special recollections are as vivid as yesterday, an expression of thanks to those who helped create those moments are never belated.

So, here is a huge thank you to Peter and the guys for making our wedding so very special, helping us make the perfect day – filled with funky times and joyous moments on the dance floor.

Seeing you all again that Sunday brought happy tears.


One Response to “Lazy Jazzy Sunday”

  1. Christine March 7, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

    aww, sounds like a lovely day! LOVE the vid of lil K! SO CUTE!!!

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