Aussie Summer Mornings

11 Feb

It is unfortunate how easily we forget what a lucky country we live in.  If we get some heavy rain, we complain.  If it gets way too hot, we whinge.  Somehow it slips our minds that there are many (ie the rest of the world) who don’t seem to be as blessed with the heavenly summers that is – usually – bestowed upon us.

Us, Aussies…we are the Goldilocks of weather:

We want it juuuuuust right.

So during this past tumultuous season, on those mornings when schedule, sleep, heat or rain have all been forgiving and life falls into place for us, my family and I would head down to a little bay near our home.

We camp ourselves under a tree.  The twinlets have their morning milk…

Then, as a family, we sit back and soak in all the sights and sounds that make up a beautiful Australian summer’s morning:

The splish splash of the ocean, the chirping of lorikeets, the bright blue sunny cloudless sky and the gentle sway of gum trees.

Before heading back home, Hubby and I take turns in going for a quick dip.  I particularly enjoy this part of the morning because I get to run and jump off this wharf:

As they say, “You’re as young as you feel” and when I hit that crystal, cold water – I am that adventurous 12 year old again.

I admit.  There could be worse scenarios to start the day…


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