A Huge Slice of Gratitude with a Sprinkle of Promotion

9 Feb

Well, I think most of you are well aware of my *ahem* lack of baking skills.  I wrote a post about it and received some lovely comments of encouragement and understanding.  I had Mama friends write in suggestions (thank you).  An overseas friend sent through a fabulous, fool-proof chocolate cake recipe (double thank you).

Among all this fabulous feedback, I had one friend even take it up an extra notch:

This person actually baked my boys their first 1st birthday cake.

When Christine read my post she got her culinary wheels in motion and started planning for the bake-off well and truly in advance of the boys’ birthday.

Keeping line with this family’s love of the ocean, surf and sun, Christine put a lot of thought and effort to baking and decorating an awesome beach themed cake.

Here is the amazing end result:

Don’t you love the naked Tiny Teddy’s basking in the sun ?  And check out the surfboard ! This ENTIRE cake was made…from scratch !  From SCRATCH !!!  I am going through baking skills envy right now…

What leaves me in awe is that the boys’ cake was only a minor project for Christine.  She is constantly making, baking and cooking for others.  Every time I see her at church, she brings along another one of her creations for someone else’s birthday or a huge batch of cookies…”just ’cause she felt like it”.

This is a true reflection of this young lass’s generous nature and her natural desire to simply share her love of food and all things sweet.

Aside from becoming fast friends over the past year and discovering our mutual love of reading and the mystique beauty of Japan, we have one major common interest:

We are both bloggers.

So, as a token of my appreciation, I want to share with you all her wonderful blog:

Cooking Crusade

Sharing her passion for food and fine cuisine, the site is full of baking and cooking recipes, great Sydney restaurant reviews and colourful photos of dishes that will make your mouth water.

Cause that’s what food is all about, right ?  Sharing.

Have a peek.  I promise you won’t regret it 🙂


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