Tougher than MasterChef

24 Jan

Welcome to Mama Grace’s Kitchen !

It is here where the pressure is far more intense than MasterChef and the critique is far harsher than Iron Chef.  This is the cooking gallery that is specifically dedicated to catering for 2 little, yet demanding VIP’s:  Little N and Little K.

Both parents The staff at Mama Grace’s Kitchen is fully committed to excellent service and meeting the high standards of its highly fussy diners.

Allow us to introduce to you our Head Chef, who many of you are already quite familiar with:  Chef Mama Grace.

Beyond her responsibilities of creating the daily menus, Chef Mama Grace is also in charge of the Kitchen’s preparation methods.  In addition, she organizes all the grocery shopping.

Similar to the hurdles that MasterChef contestants encounter in an Off-Site Challenge, Mama Grace is determined to solely use the freshest and best ingredients that this side of town has to offer – despite her tight shopping budget.  As such, shrewd negotiations with local suppliers are crucial:

  • The butcher (Who is given strict orders to provide the most tender of New York Steaks which are finely cut and diced to perfection)
  • The fruit and vegetables grocer (Where only the finest leaks, carrots and parsnips will be accepted, thank you very much)
  • The fish monger (If those boneless Barramundi fillets are not the “Catch of The Day”, we don’t bother)
  • And last, but not least, the Coles Supermarket (For all emergency, last minute peripheral items).

Also, slaving away, working laboriously in the busy kitchen, is Mama Grace’s assistant, Chef Hubby.  He is primarily in charge of pureeing all meat, fish, chicken and vegetable dishes, ensuring that there is a smooth, almost-milkshake, easy-to-swallow consistency. You will often see Chef Hubby wiping sweat off his brow – in an attempt to fight off the immense pressure – while the hand held blender whirls its way through the mixture of baby food cuisine.

Meticulous care is also taken in the storage and packing of these cuisine dishes.  Using especially made, BpA-free, PVC free, microwave friendly every other friggin’ baby friendly and baby danger free feature you can think of containers, all pureed dishes are stored and packed away in the freezer for future consumption.

To catch a glimpse of the high-maintenance diets of our esteemed baby food connoisseurs – behold the below sample menu:

Breakfast – Baby breakfast cereal (apricot and banana) flavoured, gently mixed with baby formula and fruit puree (A choice of either apple and pear with cinnamon or mango, banana and pear).

Lunch –  Pureed beef casserole with delicately sauteed potato, peas and onions, followed by a generous serving of yoghurt and  fresh pureed avocado.

Dinner – Pureed grilled french trimmed lamb cutlets with lightly steamed parsnip and carrots.

Desert – Pureed blueberry, banana and quinoa (chilled).

Due to  the hearty appetites of our little piglets special little patrons, the seemingly endless line of containers pictured below will, in fact, only last 5 days worth of meals. Hence, life in Mama Grace’s Kitchen is constantly in Pressure Test mode:

Chaotic, messy and labour-intensive.

Nevertheless, here at Mama Grace’s Kitchen, we stand firm by our motto:  “Food made with love.” After the hardwork and emotion has been invested into the cooking, the moment of truth arrives.

The dishes are taste-tested…

What are the judges thinking ?  Is it a yes ?  Is it a no ?

Whatever the final verdict is, the evidence is sure to be (literally) all over the faces of our foremost toughest food critics.

Matt Preston, you’ve met your match…


2 Responses to “Tougher than MasterChef”

  1. watchwana January 25, 2011 at 3:06 pm #

    Love love LoVe the blog Mama Grace. Keep it up! xoxo

    • mamagrace71 January 25, 2011 at 4:24 pm #

      Thank you, my dear.
      I look forward to reading and watching more of Wana 🙂

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