And your free time starts…now !

29 Nov

Is it true ? Can it be ? Babies are asleep (including the big one also known as my husband) and it’s a peaceful, tranquil Sunday afternoon.

All this solitude !  All this “me” time !!!  I’m like a kid in a candy shop !  And yet, how do I spend it ?  Not watching that brand new “Sex And The City 2” DVD still freshly wrapped in its plastic cover (Although, I must admit, Carrie and the girls let me down this time…) or picking up the November issue of “Madison” that I bought weeks ago (Consider the “Spring Racing Fashion Trends” section: Null and void).  For Pete’s sake, I’m not even taking that much needed nanna nap…

Instead, I’ve plonked myself on the couch and started typing into my iPad (my new best friend), writing in my blog (my next best friend) about how sublime it is to just be in the company of my own thoughts.  Am I going crazy ?  I must be going crazy…

But, seriously.  How DO you make the most of undesignated “time-off” as a mum.  It happens so rarely.  If you’re not child-rearing, you’re doing the laundry, you’re cooking the meals, you’re cleaning the house..the list goes on and on.  Before I had children, I never thought about it (I mean, why would I ?): Free time for a mum never just falls on your lap.  Usually, you meticulously plan it weeks in advance. Otherwise, you don’t know when it’s going to swing by your way again.  Kinda like the next Stella McCartney for Target “exclusive” collection.

It’s not like I can just pick up the keys and purse and catch the next session of “The Social Network”.  Nor can I do a “spot” of shopping at Westfield and just wander aimlessly in and out of the forests of my favourite shops (Namely, JB Hi-Fi, Nine West, Mango…not necessarily in that order).


Now, my reality is based on knowing that any minute now, my family will be awake again. And I need to be here, ready and waiting to tackle the general chaos and disorder that we call: “The Witching Hour”.

Hark, there’s one of the twins squawking stirring now. My undesignated free time is officially up.

Until next time, I bid you all: Adieu.

My mother attempting to deal with "The Witching Hour"


3 Responses to “And your free time starts…now !”

  1. Christine November 29, 2010 at 11:35 pm #

    All I can say is.. thank goodness for online shopping and getting tv shows/movies online! Who has time to go to the actual cinemas or shops anymore! (i’m mostly too busy clinging to my precious sleep.. haha)
    now if only they could invent a way for food to come through the computer screen… THEN we will have reached optimal use of the computer 😛

  2. mamagrace71 November 30, 2010 at 9:26 am #

    LOL…the moment we transport food through computers I am ordering an extra large supply of your gorgeous cupcakes and baked goods ! x


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